About Us

London violin dealers, repairers & makers 

Expertise and knowledge led by a passion for sound

Bridgewood & Neitzert Ltd – London luthiers and dealers in fine instruments with an enviable reputation and over 30 years trading history started in 1982.

Skilled restoration and repairs – theirs passion, expertise and knowledge have served many musicians to achieve optimal sound, satisfied that their instruments are cared for by gifted craftsmen and musicians.

www.vivaceviolin.com is the online store for Bridgewood & Neitzert, set up by a team of highly experienced makers, restorers and players with the aim of supplying high quality fine instruments, bows and accessories over the internet.
As classically trained musicians we understand that a player’s relationship with their instrument is highly personal and, put simply, our guarantee allows our customers the opportunity to evaluate any of our instruments in the safe knowledge that should it for any reason not live up to expectation then the instrument may be returned for a full refund of the purchase price.

Employing only the finest restorers who have been trained at some of the world’s premier institutions.
All of our work is guaranteed and every instrument subject to detailed inspection before we are satisfied that it is suitable for sale. It is by steadfastly maintaining these rigorous standards that we are able to offer only the finest instruments.
Any of our instruments can be adjusted to suit your personal preference so if you have a preference for strings, bridge height, chinrest, or anything else for that matter, just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

Strings are new on all of the instruments we offer for sale and have been chosen on the basis of suitability for the particular instrument offered.

We are the main stockist’s for a wide variety of specialist strings including Baroco, La Folia, Dlugolecki, Kurschner, Aquila and Pirastro.
We can advise on stringings for different periods including equal tension stringing, or help calculate string gauges: send us your string length (vibrating length), pitch, current strings and gauges used, if known.

We welcome the opportunity to sell instruments or bows on a commission basis but must have physical receipt of the item before we can offer a full appraisal and evaluation. Please email us in the first instance, with photos if at all possible, and we can then give you an indication of suitability as well as send you details of our commission scheme.

As well as sales of fine violins, violas, cellos, double basses and bows both modern and baroque, we also provide Valuation services. Call 0845 528 0975 for more information.