Further Restoration to a Thomas Kennedy Cello 1811

This cello by Thomas Kennedy, London 1811 has progressed well although very slowly as is the way when making arching corrections.  Virtually the entire front and especially the bass side has had corrections made to the cast and then pressings, using sandbag methods, to re-establish the arching which had considerably flattened over time.  The results are extremely successful and I am very pleased.  The pressings went well and many were made to obtain the desired results, no damage was made to the front varnish or grain e.g. grain reversal!

2-front-arch-correct-without-bass-barPhoto above: Front after arching correction complete with bass bar.

fitting-new-bass-barPhoto above: Fitting new bass bar.

4-bass-bar-fitted-not-gluedPhoto above: Bass bar fitted but not glued!

To support this work and persuade the arching to hold its form long internal reinforcing studs were fitted.  These are precisely fitted using chalk and glued with minimal pressure.  Once shaped and tuned to match the front and have minimal impact on resonance the bar, which had been fitted without tension, must be fitted over the reinforcing studs – a tricky job, but as can be seen done perfectly.

5-fitting-studsPhoto above: Fitting studs to support arching correction and reinforce cracks.

6-shaping-long-studsPhoto above: Shaping long studs.

7-fitting-bass-bar-over-studsPhoto above: Fitting bass bar over reinforcing studs.

 8-bass-bar-over-studs-glued-frontPhoto above: Bass bar fitted over reinforcing studs and glued to front.

9-finished-bass-barPhoto above: Finished bass bar.

A few other smaller more typical reinforcing studs are now fitted to several of the other cracks.

 10-fitting-studs-to-cracksPhoto above: Fitting other reinforcing studs to cracks.

11-more-stud-fittingPhoto above: More stud fitting.

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