What Does Your Violin Label Really say About Your Instrument?


When it comes to identifying and authenticating old violins the label inside the violin can of course be a helpful factor. These labels were made of hand printed laid paper before 1850, and wove paper after 1850. There is a difference in appearance between the 2 types and the manufacturing process of the wove paper labels means that they tend not to wear as well.

As you would expect a label that has been around a long time, and in contact with ageing wood it is likely to have taken on a dark appearance (a similar colour to that of the wood), and this is what you’d expect to see on an original label.

With original labels that haven’t been removed at some point over the years the edges tend to blend in with the wood background rather than curling up. I should also say at this point that original labels are often found to have been removed e.g. because of repairs. Some have even been swapped.

The right original violin label on the right violin, in the right condition can actually add to the value of an instrument. If you have a question about the label in your violin please post it as a comment below or message us via Facebook and we’ll do our best to answer your question.

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